Top Five Tips to Save Money on Shipments

October 02nd 2019

Save Money on Shipments can be considered for a variety of reasons, but it always necessary to seek these approaches when you ship regularly. These cost-saving tips should always come into considerati...

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Top 7 Things to Consider for Selecting a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Provider

September 19th 2019

Whenever it is time to outsource your logistics needs, you are possibly wondering how to begin tackling this hard decision. The delivery of Professional 3PL services by 3PL providers are very benefici...

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Smart Mobile Solutions Playing A Pivotal Part to Kenyan Growing FMCG Logistics

September 13th 2019

Kenya’s central position, rapid population growth, and already diversifying private sector is enhancing its economy. The present economy stance of Kenya shows the East African Giant has the potential...

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Maersk And Koole Terminals Sign Production Agreement for IMO 2020 Compliant Fuel in Rotterdam

September 09th 2019

Leaders in their separate fields, Koole Terminals, and Maersk Oil Trading recently announced its joint agreement deal to cater for the production of IMO 2020 compliant bunker fuel. The production agre...

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UK Government Discloses Its Plans For £250 Million Clean Steel Fund

September 04th 2019

With the Clean Steel Fund closing about £250 million, the UK government recently unveils its plans for the money. The additional call also requests for supporting evidence and assistance for the plan’...

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Collaborative Work Remains A Significant Factor in Attaining Procurement Success

September 02nd 2019

“The collaborative efforts of any workforce make up an essential part of any procurement success. Every time a job requires procurement processes; a collaborative approach should be always be created...

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How Samsung Is Driving Sustainability Across Its Supply Chain

August 23rd 2019

“Giant Tech Firms face several challenges to stay on top. With the rise of new technologies and policies, new problems arise as well. Alongside employing the best hands to remedy such issues, Samsung...

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Bridging AI Skills Gap Within The Logistics Sector

August 22nd 2019

“The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a significant challenge facing Supply Chain Managers and Customer Success within the logistics space. As the logistics industry set to implement A...

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IKEA Now Completes Delivery in Shanghai With Its Electric Vehicle Fleet

August 12th 2019

Every IKEA delivery In Shanghai is now made with its electric vehicle fleet, as Shanghai hit its goal early. The globally recognized store is planning to decarbonize its delivery fleet completely....

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Weekly Logistics Roundup: Rising Tariff Follows New Fears; Trucking’s Last Mile; Financing a New Shift

August 09th 2019

The weekly roundup centers around the rising Tariff Fears imposed by the United States. Trucking Giant Schneider is winding down its Last Mile, and a New Shift is currently ongoing at Celadon Group In...

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Steel Giant ArcelorMittal reports $447 million loss Amidst Falling demands from Europe and the U.S.

August 08th 2019

ArcelorMittal, the biggest steelmaker globally, report a $447 million loss in its second quarter. The Steel Giant also plans to shed approximately $2 billion in assets, adding that it expects the stru...

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Germany's Biggest Ever Haul in Cocaine Seized by Customs

August 07th 2019

Approximately $1.11 billion worth of cocaine, its biggest ever haul, was seized at the northern port city of Hamburg, Germany by its custom officials. The shipment initially bound for Antwerp from...

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Donald Trump’s threats to impose tariffs on China could disturb global Markets

August 06th 2019

The United State threats to impose tariffs on an additional $300bn of market goods from China takes center stage as Trump looks to raise the US-China trade conflict.

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Shifts in Freight Market Raises Concerns

August 05th 2019

“Following last year’s red-hot United States shipping market, demands and price falls are growing concerns amongst goods shippers. The movement of production from China to Latin America or Southeast A...

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Global Trade Maintains a Good Show of Resilience

August 01st 2019

Global trade analysts made a forecast of the sky falling, but presently, that is not the situation. How did Global trade analysts get the projections so wrong?

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eBay Set to Launch Logistics and Shipping Services for Big Sellers

July 30th 2019

eBay Incorporation, a leading online marketplace, is set to roll out its fulfillment service. The new service is intended to assist its increasing volume of sellers to complete customer’s orders using...

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Iran Seizes British-Flagged Oil Tanker

July 24th 2019

Growing tensions between the West and Tehran risk more trouble for commercial shipments using the strategically crucial channel. Pressures are high between Iran and the U.S. after Iran declares it sei...

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McDonald's Gets New Delivery Partner Deal with DoorDash, Ending Exclusive Deal with UberEats

July 23rd 2019

On Tuesday, burger giant McDonald's Corp confirms DoorDash Inc. as a new delivery partner. DoorDash will start making deliveries later this month from its restaurants all around Houston. This move com...

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Shipping Rates for Bulk Freight Rises as Vale Recommences Iron Ore Exports

July 22nd 2019

Shipowners expect prices for moving raw commodities will stay strong over the next two months despite concerns over economic growth, global trade

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U.K. Economy Returns to Growth in May

July 19th 2019

The U.K. economy has bounced back positively in May, thanks to working resumptions across car factories following shutdowns. The shutdowns in April were due to Brexit-related actions. Figures from th...

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IKEA Closes Its Only U.S Factory To Move Production to Europe

July 17th 2019

The globally recognised furniture store, famous for its Swedish meatballs and occasionally not so friendly assembly guides, is leaving the USA. The furniture company, IKEA, is moving its plant operati...

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Vessel Seized With Over 1$ Billion Of Cocaine On Board

July 16th 2019

Multiple reports confirm Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a large cargo ship registered to a global shipping firm. The recent outburst comes after weeks authorities stormed a vessels ca...

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Top 10 Ports in the World

July 15th 2019

Daily, millions of cargo is transferred from one port to another, connecting businesses and people all around the world, but some experience higher frequencies of activities than others. Dealing with...

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Everything you need to know about accurate shipping weights (VGM)

October 25th 2018

Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires that shippers must provide the Verified Gross Mass of each container.

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Simplifying complex supply chains in oil and gas logistics

September 10th 2018

Providing oil and gas logistics usually requires specialist equipment, with a focus on health and safety, visibility, urgency and transparent control procedures. That’s why using a global operation li...

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Do You Need A Freight Forwarder?

May 30th 2018

Freight Forwarder is a non asset based logistics company which can help you move your shipments round the world for the best prices. This article will help get to understand the difference between a f...

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What Is A Freight Forwarder?

May 30th 2018

What is a Freight Forwarder? Logistics is a complex subject and there are different types of organisations which move freight. A Freight forwarder is a non asset based company which can save you time...

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Traditional Model Still Watertight

May 30th 2018

‘digital’ forwarders grow in number with their offers of quicker and more efficient logistics solutions, our Commercial Director Alan Hewitt addresses this potential ‘disruptor’ in the market. Read mo...

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Supply Chain Management Concerns for Sainsburys, Asda, Argos and Habitat

May 30th 2018

The recent announcement from Sainsburys that they were going to take on Asda, Argos and Habitat came as no surprise. We speak to Alan Hewitt and Elliot Browne on whether the firm could be facing suppl...

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