eBay Set to Launch Logistics and Shipping Services for Big Sellers

eBay Set to Launch Logistics and Shipping Services for Big Sellers

July 30th 2019

eBay Incorporation, a leading online marketplace, is set to roll out its fulfillment service. The new service is intended to assist its increasing volume of sellers to complete customer’s orders using faster and low-priced ship services.

The proposed service sets to take a new approach in solving the increasing competition over fulfilling online shipping orders. The new service will be created using a third-party network of logistics providers. On Wednesday, the company noted logistics providers initially make use of the eBay technology service to pack, ship, and store inventory from “tactically positioned warehouses all over the nation,”

Set to launch in 2020, the offer arises as more e-commerce firms are set to add physical delivery processes as sellers and online companies to challenge with Amazon.comIncorporation. The fulfillment network seeks to reduce delivery charges and position products closer to its clients.

In June, Shopify Incorporation made public its intention to offer similar packages that apply Machine Learning alongside other top techs to assign route orders and inventory. Shopify Incorporation also offers internet shopping alongside other services that aid businesses sell products online.

eBay’s new shipping service, called Managed Delivery, intends to permit retailers in such categories using fast-moving inventory (like electronics, fashion, and more) to provide their clients with faster delivery and free shipping services.

eBay also noted Managed Delivery has the potential to boost sales when properly used. Sellers who are eligible for the new shipping service will be afforded the ability to enjoy eBay-negotiated rates. The rates are set for two- day, three-day, and overnight shipping with the application of eBay-branded packing.

Delivery Tracking for Packages Will Also Is Available to Buyers.

Delivery Tracking possibilities are booming amongst e-commerce startups like fulfillment brand, Flexe Inc., and ShipBob. Also, these startups unveil its on-demand warehouse market offers to retailers that compete for customer sales with Amazon. The firms are also set to compete with providers like Radial, owned by Belgian Post Group, which was created out of the merger in 2016 between Innotrac Corporation and eBay’s earlier enterprise fulfillment sect. The alliance seeks to deliver e-commerce and technology services for sellers like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Also taking part in the game are Traditional logistics operators. XPO Logistics Inc., FedEx Corp., and United Parcel Service Inc. have all created fulfillment and warehouse services dedicated to medium and small-size firms.
eBay’s move comes after the giant Online marketplace struggled to oppose bigger rivals like Amazon. While eBay’s second-quarter profits rose 2% to $2.7 billion, the value of total goods traded has been on the low, dropping to $22.6 billion an extra 4% this quarter.