Simplifying complex supply chains in oil and gas logistics

Simplifying complex supply chains in oil and gas logistics

September 10th 2018

Improving economic conditions and renewed Government commitment for the oil and gas industry means busy times ahead for the sector.

Yet successfully bringing about projects and installations in this industry is no mean feat as oil and gas logistics presents its own complex and unique challenges.

This typically involves transporting heavy items and hazardous materials across the world, often utilising air, sea, road and rail freight, in accordance with complicated compliance, rules and procedures.

Providing oil and gas logistics usually requires specialist equipment, with a focus on health and safety, visibility, urgency and transparent control procedures.

That’s why using a global operation like IFSC Group to manage your project and your complex supply chain can simplify the whole process, as well as keeping the costs down.

We have offices strategically placed around the world, including in London, China, Hong Kong, Iraq, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, staffed by a culturally diverse team who have the experience and expertise to manage complex cargo and the challenges it brings.

Oil and gas project management

Building an oil rig, supplying hazardous materials, sourcing parts in the event of a breakdown, all require careful planning and management. If you’re taking on a large-scale build or installation project, you will want to ensure that everything arrives at the right time and in perfect condition.

But it doesn’t end there. Machinery and parts have to be sourced from all over the world, often coming from places like Scotland, Norway, Germany and Houston. As well as arranging charters, negotiating freight charges, freight consolidation and so on, there’s also the strict regulatory compliance, customs procedures, insurances, specialist equipment and extensive safety procedures to navigate.

Thanks to our years of specialist industry experience, we have built up an extensive list of global contacts and negotiated exclusive contracts with the world’s leading air, sea and road carriers to deliver exceptional value, every time.


Our experienced logistics team can provide a full range of services through our global network including ship chartering, full container load movements, less than container loads for smaller consignments and cross trade requirements. Our managed service arranges the correct equipment, all necessary permits and supervision of cargo.


Air is often the mode of choice for urgent or time sensitive requirements. We have trusted relationships with the world’s leading cargo carriers and agents, for both import and export, to get your goods to you as quickly as possible. We are able to optimise our buying power to secure highly competitive rates for your rapid transit.


We have extensive relationships with valued hauliers internationally to move your freight quickly, efficiently and reliably. We have the scope to provide both full and part load services to and from any country in the world.

Affordable supply chain management

Our main aim is to provide you with a cost-effective and tailored solution for your complex supply chain.

When you’re engaging the services of IFSC Group, it’s not just about getting your valuable equipment where you need it to be and when, you’re also benefiting from our in-depth knowledge of the industry and processes. The main aim of this is to streamline your processes and get your supply chain working as efficiently as possible.

Our innovative and bespoke supply chain solutions are focused on delivering practical results that will add value, build revenues and cut costs.

We do this with a full appreciation of your operational strategies, goals and the challenges you face, as we become an extension of your business rather than just an external provider.

This means constantly evaluating, looking for improvements, innovating through technology and optimising your processes wherever possible.