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Shipping Rates for Bulk Freight Rises as Vale Recommences Iron Ore Exports

July 22nd 2019

Shipowners expect prices for moving raw commodities will stay strong over the next two months despite concerns over economic growth, global trade

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U.K. Economy Returns to Growth in May

July 19th 2019

The U.K. economy has bounced back positively in May, thanks to working resumptions across car factories following shutdowns. The shutdowns in April were due to Brexit-related actions. Figures from th...

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Vessel Seized With Over 1$ Billion Of Cocaine On Board

July 16th 2019

Multiple reports confirm Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a large cargo ship registered to a global shipping firm. The recent outburst comes after weeks authorities stormed a vessels ca...

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Do You Need A Freight Forwarder?

May 30th 2018

Freight Forwarder is a non asset based logistics company which can help you move your shipments round the world for the best prices. This article will help get to understand the difference between a f...

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